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When trying to optimize my sites, I always try to use alt text on the
pictures, for both accessibility purposes and because I believe it's useful
for SEO.
But I was wondering, does anyone know if there's any value in actually
renaming the pictures to things like keyword1-keyword2-keyword3.jpg?



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Re: SEO / Picture Names

Rob wrote in

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<Google specific reply>

Google only indexes the alt attribute text when the image is used as a
link - as regards the filename, I can't see any evidence to suggest that the
image filename is indexed as part of the text of the page, whether it's a
link or not, so it doesn't look as if there's any value in putting keywords
in there.

Shame - nice idea.

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inappropriate or offensive in any way,
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Re: SEO / Picture Names

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Alt text, file name and nearby text on the page all help.
Try these three examples, when searching for images:

looking straight down scary                      finds alt text
madeira cliff vertigo                                  finds file name
Thursday: Easy walking at lower level          finds nearby text.

In all cases you find a specific image on my holiday page: .

Best regards, Eric.

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Re: SEO / Picture Names

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That's right. File names count for image searches - but (presently) not for
ordinary Google searches.

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Brrrr. I'm all for relaxing holidays myself  :-)

/Martin Hagstrøm

Re: SEO / Picture Names

On Mon, 14 Jun 2004 22:58:13 +0200, Martin Hagstrøm wrote:

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But .html and .shtml file names *do* count for ordinary searches.  :)

.jpg filenames don't count, and I'd bet .gif and .ong don't either.

I wonder about PDF?  Hmmm...


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