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I was wondering. Do most of you optimize your home page only, or do
you optimize your whole site.  I optimize my home page for a
competitive keyword and other pages for other keywords, but not my
whole site.

The other question is what do you optimize your page for. Most seem to
optimize for google. With that said, can one really optimize a page
for all search engines since their algo may be different? I
concentrate on google which in turn gives you good results for engines
that use google results. I wonder how this will change when Yahoo
starts using Inktomi results.


Re: SEO optimization for page or more

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I'm something of a beginner at this SEO, at least compared to some folks in
this NG, but here's what I do.

I optimize my home page for my primary keyword/phrase. I created an
individual, optimized, page for each of my 'secondary' keywords.

While I have had a hard time getting as high as I want on my (very
competitive) primary keyword (about 13 pre-Florida and now mid-20's), I have
been fairly successful with my secondary keywords (top 10 or even top 5).

Everything I said above is about Google. My primary keyword actually does
better on non-Google sites (top 5 on several) even though I've only been
thinking about Google when optimizing.

Bob Kochem


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Re: SEO optimization for page or more

From not doing anything with my site for years til Nov. 16 I have completely
changed my site,  made it more pleasurable to look at, optimized every
single page for specific and not too competitive key words, am making dozens
of pages each optimized for certain keywords...

I notice that Google is giving preference to the "RECYCLE" theme in my
industry and I have made changes accordingly

Look for themes that are emerging in the new serps. If your site appears
more eductational and informative, helpful to the community and the
environment rather than being solely designed to generate ecommerce, it will
probably give you a chance to survive on Google for another day....

I find the meta tags are good for tons of search engines except Google.
Google places a great deal of importance on the title and content and
density while the other tags (i.e., description and key words) are not seen
as important.

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