SEO Newbie - looking for verifications and more

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Hi All,

I am new to this and want to go about setting up and submitting my site
the "right way", whatever that may be.

I have done some reading up on robots.txt, read a bit on here and read
most of and
(but these pages all seem to be from 3 - 5 yrs old or more).

I think I have enough knowledge to know that this all appears to be a
bit of a "Black Art", but I am trying to make sense of it.

I have understood the following thus far, but I would be grateful if you
could all vet the list for me and either rebut and/or add to it as you
may know/deem necessary for me to get that decent sort of ranking in
most of the major engines.

 From reading here, some have said, <meta name="Keywords" ...., you can
forget these days. Is this really true?
Or should they still be in there irrespective?

Searchengineworld recommends _Not_ adding more keywords in than are
actually on the page as you get hurt for this. True/False?

Likewise, alt="[some_text]" _Should_ be used as the engines do evaluate
that on the pages. T/F ??
Can it be any text really (Within reason, I suspect so long as it is
relevant to the rest of your page)?

On the other hand, <meta name="Description" _Should_ definitely be in
there; T/F?

Searchengineworld mentions limits for both <title>, <meta keywords.. and
<meta description...
e.g. 50, 744 and about 1000 (I thought it said).
Do I really need to worry about this? I have noticed titles longer than
50 appearing on google in high rankings. Are there limits at which point
I get penalised?

How many keywords should I really have?

Again, searchengineworld mentions something about a putting a logging
line into the html pages to log the referring URL, etc. Is this some
form of Apache SSI command or what is it?

I have seen someone on here mention that a (graphic, apparently even
better) hits counter is a big plus.

Does "RobotCop" as a module for Apache work? Is it current or is there
now something better?

Also, what is considered "duplicate content" exactly (as per the recent

I understand I will need to generate some inbound links as well, but
I'll worry about that when I understand this and have the site live.

If you've gotten this far, thanks. You probably have a lot more you
could offer me which I simply haven't understood or learnt yet. If
you're feeling magnanamous and/or gregarious and fell like typing out a
reply, I will be grateful.

What are "sitewide links" pls?

OtoH, if you just have the URL of a more uptodate site you can throw my
way, that would be great too.

I am, for the moment, presuming "submission" is another whole different
kettle o' fish, so I will leave that for a.n.other post.

All assistance gratefully appreciated.



Re: SEO Newbie - looking for verifications and more

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That's an easy one, don't submit, it's a complete waste of time, links
are the way to get a site indexed. I have millions of pages indexed
without submitting any of them.

submitting = throwing your time away, won't help your SERPs
submitting = watching TV, won't help your SERPs
submitting = standing at a bus stop, won't help your SERPs

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