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I recently added two new pages to my website, a contact us and an
about us page both in the main directory on the main page of the site.
Google just indexed the two new pages and my site fell from 100 to 276
which really puzzles me? I always read that adding a contact and about
us page to a site was good for a site not bad for it. Is it natural
for two new pages, even good ones, to cause a site to drop 176 places
in ranking in google for a while? Should I just have patience and the
site will eventually come back up again or should I remove those two
new pages?

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 Sorry, my crystal ball must not be working because after several
minutes of gazing into it the URL of your website didn't appear. And
it's impossible to help you without looking at the website.

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Google does not rank sites. It ranks pages. I assume you mean that your
home page fell from 100 to 276. That could happen for any number of
reasons totally unrelated to your contact form or About Us page.

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And it only ranks pages for specific search terms; these are no 'absolute'
rankings, but 'relative'.

How old is your site?
What other changes have you made recently, eg to links in or out?

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After having a look at your profile (hoping to see your site listed) I
see that you have been posting spam to  Have you posted
URLs there?  and do you think Google may have taken exception to it?

I look forward to you posting your sites URL ;-)   and seeing what the
'about us' page actually says!

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