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I've website which is online from many
years. Recently I've changed my hosting server due to some server

We've designed & uploaded new website at, and get
page rank of one. But still i'm finding just one page from our website
listed on google, although there are several pages on yahoo. What may
be reason behind it.?

I also want to know, how to select keywords & importance of title &
description tags. Anything else that will help me in optimizing site
will do the work.

Thanks in advance.


Re: SEO Help

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Hi Krunal
You say you have had it for years, yet your site is only PR1. What was
your PR before the move ?
Is there a need for all that javasript in the code ? Is that a recent
change ?
Was it PHP before the change ?

To be honest, there are a number of clicks to find a product, just to
find an Inquire button which then asks me to log on. Very offputting.
Wouldn't get my business.

My 2c


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Re: SEO Help

Dear Paul,

thanks for help..

Yes our website was online from many years. Earlier it was having Page
Rank of 0. It is only after we redesign website, we got page rank of 1.

The javascript was not recent.. it is there when we design our site. It
was also on our old site. Advice.. if its a root of problem.?

The old site was not PHP, it was completely designed on Flash. The old
site was also not listed on search engine, having page rank of 0, &
only one page (home page) is listed on google/msn/yahoo. The new site
is may be completely in php & contains more of dynamic pages.

Yes, you are right, it requires couples of button to get to products,
we've advised our web designer to change some part of site so that user
can easily find product. Inquire button is creating problems.. advice
if its causing problem? so we change the way it is configured.

Thanks in advance,

Krunal /

Paul wrote:
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Re: SEO Help

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You're starting again from the beginning. You need inbound links from
good sources before you'll get properly indexed by Google.

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You need to do some keyword research. Try Nichebot and Wordtracker.


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