SEO Experts please answer my question

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I found a search term peripherally related to my business.  It was
searched 103,900 times in november according to overture.

The number 1 listing only has a PR5, is cached so no cloaking seems to
exist.  The backlinks show only 30.

There are 759,000 results.

This just doesn't seem normal to me, as I've spent the last 3-4 weeks
optimizing for search terms that are searched about 1000 times a month
with 125,000 results.

Did I just find the golden goose?

Is it possible to have a deep page hit the top 10 results for a term
like this?  Or should I possibly develop a .org focused on information
about this search term and advertise my business on that site.

I searched the top 20 results and nobody is over a pr5, and there are a
few pr3s and pr4s in there.

Re: SEO Experts please answer my question

Arthur Dent wrote:
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Why are you wasting your time going by Overture results when nobody uses
overture to search anymore. Google is still where the action is at and
all the rest are obsolete. I also would trust Overture telling me what
keywords people search and how many people search for them as far as I
could throw a piano.

Re: SEO Experts please answer my question

Sam wrote:

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You make a good point.  I checked wordtracker, and there was a huge
discrepancy.  However...  I checked my main keywords in wordtracker, and
the traffic I get daily in my main keywords is about 10 times what
wordtracker shows, and about 1/4 of what overture shows.

If noone is using overture, where do they get their numbers from?  I
assumed yahoo because of the PPC partnership, but I suppose that was a
bad assumption.

I was under the impression that wordtracker and overture were the best
keyword tools to use.

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