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Hey Dave

I'm the one you replied to  in a post where I used the junk car and
junk cars as my keyword analogy.

If you remember, after trying several experiments with stemming, my
last attempt was to follow what the number 1 site was doing. I just
now got the results. To fresh your memory, the number 1 site had cars
listed 11 times in the text and only junk cars in the title and they
were ranked number 1 for junk cars.

By following the number 1 site, it  didn't make my lising worse for
junk car, but I still am not listed in google for the plural of junk
car which would be junk cars. I'm starting to think I could put horse
shit as my keyword and I'll still be ranked well on junk car.

One of my concerns when I posted was it acceptable to list your real
keywords. You said it was ok so the keywords I'm talkng about is
filipina lady and filipina ladies. Still have all of my sites ranked
well on filipina lady, but filipina ladies...can't find the right
magic for that one.

I think it has to do with something off line as you suggested that I'm
not seeing. So, I guess that's my next study and experimentation. I
tried all the online combinations for stemming with no success.

Anyways, just thought you would like to know.

Lets hope in 2004 I can find the key for being ranked for filipina
ladies. If not, I'll have to live with getting ranked for filipina
lady....but dam it, it is the challenge more then the word that has me
wrapped up into this thing.  I'll keep trying.

thanks for you advise...and keep posting....when I see SEO Dave, I
always read what you have to say.

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