SEO Costs in a Boom Industry

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"Phone Consulting Training - Cost: $600 for 2 hours
(request Jim or Todd, or 1 hour with each of them)
Personal one-on-one consulting with link experts Jim Boykin or Todd
Malicoat. This service is an in depth anaylsis and requires a minimum
of 2 hours of consulting. If you want us to research your site for an
hour before we chat, add another $250. "

The above was recommended to me by Aaron from SEO Book. You can see
from the above link that the marketing plans from the company weigh
heavily on link building.

Several SEO's have told me that it is big mistake to focus on content -
no one cares about content anymore.

This reminds me of the chain letter schemes which surfaced in hard
times, this is how they work:

1=2E I have a letter which I put into an envelope. The letter is a blank
sheet of white paper.
2=2E I sell it to my neighbour for1 on the condition he can re-sell
for2. I just made a1 - not bad for a sheet of paper.
3=2E My neighbour then sells it for2 to his neighour, and he just made
a1 (the1 invested and a ROI of1) - not bad. Let's call by
neighbour N1 and N1's neighbout N2.
4=2E N2 sells the SAME sheet of paper placed into an envelope for3 -
and he just made a1 as well. Well everyone is making money here. No
one is working, there is no prodcut, and everyone is earning. Is this
the new economy?

Wait a second, the last guy in the chain makes no money. But that is
not a problem - since the population is large enough to always resell,
and even if I get the letter back again, I can always borrow the money
to buy it back, and then resell. So every person makes a1.

These scheme picked up with a dozen more in the 1991 recession - one
advert said: "Make100 a day just stuffing envelopes"

In the link scheme we have a parallel.

I create a website linking to N1 and he pays me1, I then pay someone
to link to my site, etc... Everyone linking, everyone earning, and
almost no product except a lot of links and someone somewhere has a
tiny site with a phone us button. They then sell something on the

Google could change its thinking so that self-linking is rated highly.
Then the contest is who can build the biggest page full of links?

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