SEO benefit of a blog?

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Bob, I suggest you create an RSS file and store it on your own
website. If you are updating often then Google will realise this and
come back and spider more often, you don't need to use a blog unless
you're going to be putting work in to getting links to that blog as

There are plenty of RSS creators out there if you do some searching,
but if you don't want to install anything extra on your server, then
you can start by using an on-line feed creater like the one here:

It will make some code you can cut and paste in to a file on your

You can then put an extra line in the header of the page that lists
your articles, like this:

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS"
href=" " />

This goes inside the <head></head> tags along with your page title and
other stuff. You can also get one of those little 'XML' buttons and
link it to the .rss file as well to let people know it's there.

You should also submit your RSS feed to some RSS aggregators / search
engines, like Feedster, Blogdigger, easyRSS, whatever you can find.

The RSS feed itself won't make any difference to the amount of times
you're spidered unless you're updating often anyway. On the sites I
update often I get visited by Google's bots every 2-3 days, but on the
ones I don't have time to update it's slower, even if they have an RSS


Check your web page spiderability:

Re: SEO benefit of a blog?

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Hi Paul,

Thanks for the info. You like the idea of an RSS feed on my site rather than
being hosted offsite. Let me ask a general SEO question that I am having
trouble thinking through.

I am trying to figure out if either of these options will help from an SEO

Option 1 - Simply add an RSS feed on my site for my news page at . The hope is that backlinks from
the RSS feed will help with SEO. And, that the RSS distribution will help as

Option 2 - Create a Blog on and run an RSS feed off of the Blog.
Note that this can be done with the same effort as Option 1. The difference
here is that the backlinks to my news page would come from a different host
and the Blog would provide an extra set of backlinks.

The content of the Blog and RSS feed would be duplicate content from the
website News page. The Blog would not have a lot of backlinks but would be
distributed on Blog directories.

So there is a question in my mind which of these would help SEO the best or
if either of them would be helpful.



Re: SEO benefit of a blog?

Ergobob wrote:
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rather than
help as
would be
best or

I don't see any point setting up a Blogger blog just to duplicate
content on your website. To get any benefit from the blog you will need
to promote it as another website to get it's own Page Rank up.
Therefore I think it is better to create an RSS feed on your own
website, then submit it to various RSS directories, which will help
people find your information at it's source, rather than in the
duplicate blog, and will get you some extra backlinks from the ones
that publish the RSS as feeds rather than just search results.

So: I think Option 1 is better.


Check your web page spiderability:

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