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I'm starting a new web hosting business, and would like to have a few
articles on the site in the following topics.
SEO, site promotion, other stuff that might be nice to read for a newbie.

I'm sure a lot of you have written some articles like the ones above, or
know of a really good one.

Would anyone be interested in allowing me to put your article on my site in
exchange for a link back to your site? If you have any questions shoot me an

dcasey at bestweb dot net

Re: SEO Articles

nntp wrote:

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SEO 2004

Re: SEO Articles

On 30 Nov 2004 11:24:42 GMT, "Philipp Lenssen"
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I was reading your blog page above and it's contradictory.

At the top it says forget on page optimization it's the past, look for
links with the right anchor text.

"These days, what counts for Google is not on-page, but off-page
optimization. And the only thing that matters on other sites are links
with relevant anchor texts, pointing to your site."

At the bottom it contradicts the above-

"To get the most out of Google, be verbose in what you offer. Write
detailed help files this, naturally, provides a great set of
keyphrases people might be looking for."

BTW it's been anchor text/links the most important factor in SEO for
at least 18 months, if anything with Google it's slightly less
important than it was 18 months ago. However that is not to say on
page/site factors are irrelevant. At one time I felt anchor text
accounted for over 50% of SERPs, less so now, but even at 50% you
still have 50% to work with.

The reality is for anything even remotely competitive if you don't get
the links/anchor text right no matter what you do on page it won't
make the slightest difference. If you get the anchor text/links right
then on page factors come into play, especially for related phrases
that are not part of the anchor text.

To give an example you'll appreciate, a search for 'Seraphim
Proudleduck Dead', not a competitive SERPs, but the anchor text
component is Seraphim Proudleduck and the on page component is Dead
(from the h3 header "Google Collects Dead Links"). Of course I'm
assuming no one is linking to you with the anchor text Dead :-)

Don't get me wrong, the main suggestions in the SEO article are very
good, but I do think you are over estimating the importance of anchor
text/links and under playing on page factors. Both play a big part in
maximising Google traffic.

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