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When I search for an exact phrase in google, is there any way to return
results for that phrase exactly, without punctuation?
For example, a search on the phrase "leather findings" returns some results
with that phrase, but also many results with "leather, findings" (as in a
list). So I am getting a lot of irrelevant results.

I really just want to find "leather findings" (metal items used as parts in
leather items such as belts). Sites that list "leather, findings" often have
to do with jewelry (not leathercrafting supplies) so don't offer the
products I am looking for, which really are called "leather findings."

Does anyone know of any way to narrow it down, or a search engine that will
really just search on an exact phrase with no punctuation in between?

Thanks for your help!

cheers ~

Re: searching an exact phrase

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If you are searching for the item (or websites) you could try searching
google with:
"leather findings" leathercrafting

If you are hoping to get yourself to #1 on page 1 then it shouldn't matter
to you... you have to think about what your visitors would search google
for,   IE: if there is a command to remove the comma does it really matter
if your visitors aren't going to be using it and instead typing in the terms
just as above (either:  leather findings   or   "leather findings")

Re: searching an exact phrase

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The sites I'm looking for wouldn't necessarily have the word
"leathercrafting" or something similar on the page. But it may yield some
extra results.

The sites I want to find are going to have the phrase "leather findings" but
probably not as two words that are part of a list.

I'm not trying to get to #1 for "leather findings" or any such thing (and my
site is already at #1 or at least on the first page for most of my
keywords). No one would ever find my website, or want to, by searching for
that term. I am just searching for hardware to use in the items we

Still would like to know if there is a search engine out there that does an
"exact phrase" search that really does search the exact phrase without

cheers ~

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