Search strategies for trendspotting.

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Guru Librarian (or Cybrarian), yet novice in search-engine business
needs advice.

Since search-engine queries yield many (often irrelevant) results, any
attempts to narrow-down searches and enhance relevance are appreciated.
Adding specific keywords within search-engine queries can not only
narrow-down search results, but may infer emerging trends in any
subject matter.

As two of countless examples, where keywords like, "trend toward'
and/or 'becoming more' show-up in sentences within online content,
these keywords can be inferred as a departure from normal content, and
can be treated as semantic anomalies; which may signal emerging trends
on any topic.

Authors of content usually mention keywords like, 'trend toward'
and/or 'becoming more' subconsciously; since the main-focus of most
content is not related to the subject of semantics.


Adding the current, or even previous months (In advanced search, web
pages updated in the past three months can be displayed) in the search
query (example notation typed as "February, * 2005" to include
specific dates) infers up-to-date content.

As a 'rule of thumb' by the middle of a given month, (in this case
'March' at the time of this writing) would be used; as enough
online content has been produced to provide sufficient content on
numerous topics.

Enter desired search terms in these "search templates."

--Content that mentions "trend toward."*-2005+%22becoming+more+%22&as_qdr=m3&btnG=Search

--Content that mentions "becoming more."*-2005+and+%22trend+toward%22&as_qdr=m3&btnG=Search

RESULTS: Entering in the keywords 'becoming more' and/or 'trend
toward' as parts of search-engine queries lists search-results; may
infer content which signals growing industry / professional
developments, as well as the public zeitgeist. In some cases, search
results yield specialty websites that are fee-only and even restricted
access content. In many cases, content that mentions the words 'trend
toward' and 'becoming more' don't necessarily have tangible

Would specific keywords (which may indicate emerging trends on any
topic) have marketable values for search engine providers?

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