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I have done a search on a keyword on a number of search engines.  In the
search results I could see the keywords I was searching for.  However, when
I click on the site, nowhere is there a reference to this keyword.  Same is
true for the source behind html page.  Why is that?  What does it mean?

Thanks in advance

Re: Search Results

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Had the pages been redirected?
Did the redirecting pages belong to the same domain as the redirected pages?
Which kind of redirecting code was used?
302? 301?
Had the pages lately been updated?

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Re: Search Results

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Another explanation could be from anchor text used on external links. If on
another web site that keyphrase is used as a textual link to the web site
then the web site could provide results for that keyphrase search. Multiply
this process several times and the keyphrase gains credibility in the SERPs.


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Re: Search Results

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It means the word or phrase can be found in the anchor text of links
coming to the site from other sites.

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Re: Search Results

__/ [ Big Bill ] on Wednesday 01 March 2006 01:30 \__

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True. Or from the site to itself (e.g. deep pages to opening page). Use
highlighting tools (many search toolbars come with these) or rely on site's
built-in keyword highlighting (WordPress tends to achieve that) and keep
track of where keywords appear as you navigate from page to page.

Hope it helps,


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Re: Search Results

Keyword in search results not anywhere on the page could be due to many
reasons, here're 2 of the most popular ones.

1. Backlinks' anchor text.  If enough backlinks link to you using that
keyword, search engines will think you're relevant for that keyword,
whether you're using it on your site or not.  Examples in Google:
Bush's "Miserable Failure", Adobe Acrabat's "Click Here".
2. On non competitive words (or bottom search results of competitive
ones), Title and Meta tags.  Search engines put some weight on the
Title tag of a page, and very little weight on Meta tags.  But if it's
a non-competitive word and nobody's targeting it except your metatags,
then you're #1 in search results.  I've noticed that Meta Description
tag carrys more weight than the Meta Keywords tag in my experiences,
but that's still just a theory.

Re: Search Results

__/ [ Paul Zhao ] on Wednesday 01 March 2006 15:19 \__

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