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I can't give the real details, for privacy reason but how can it be,
and is there a way to stop it, that if I search for the name 'Iliad
Genson' It return a website that has no mention of that name?  I
thought to get hits from a search engine such as Google, MSN, Yahoo
the term had to be in the text or Meta Tags etc...  How is this being

No in the case that someones name has been associated with a site,
even though the name does not appear, is there a way to put a stop to

Thank you


Re: Search How is this done wrote:

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This is how:

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There is a way you can try, but there are real questions about the
effectiveness and about whether it should be done at all  -- judge
for yourself the risks and benefits before trying.

Start here:

If you email me the name and site (see my webpage for email
address), I will give you more specific advice without revealing
the name or site to anyone.

Guy Macon

Re: Search How is this done

On Sep 26, 9:14=A0pm, Guy Macon < wrote:
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So anchor on other site pointing to this site are causing the high
ranking on google and other search engines.  So a malicious web
developer has setup anchors?  do I understand correctly.

Re: Search How is this done

Guy Macon < wrote:

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They sent me the info and I looked into it.

The Internet has many pages with text like this:

[deleted] took her first photography course at [deleted] College
in the 1980s and has not closed her shutter since. Now, after
years of snapping photos for big-budget ad campaigns, [deleted]
has returned to her native [deleted] to open a portrait studio.
[deleted] and business partner *[NAME I INVESTIGATED]* set up shop
in the [deleted] Plaza in October 2006, and have already received
national attention. [deleted] magazine ran a story in June featuring
[deleted]'s signature service - a makeover shoot that transforms
suburban moms into poised goddesses.
"[deleted] brings out the beauty in everyone. Every single picture
she's taken, they all look beautiful." For more information on
[deleted] makeovers and portraits, call [deleted]  or visit

Going to the website itself, you see a page that says:

  whoops! you have fallen off the world wide web,
  a.k.a. error 404 - wrong page

Alas, this error page is served up as a 200 OK not a 404 NOT FOUND.
Otherwise, Google would have dropped it long ago.  I sent an email
to the contact address on the page reporting the error, but we all
know how often doing that works...

So a person with the name that gave me
also belongs to a photographer who once had a website at the URL gave me, and many websites mention this
fact.  Not just websites, either; the photographer was featured
in the local paper's business section, which is also online.

I also found people with the same name as the photographer who:

* Graduated from high school last year.
* Died at the age of 57 two years ago.
* Has a Job as a Clinical Psychologist in Spain.
* Is a 26-year-old Female in Burbank, CA.
* Was born in 1895 and got divorced in 1930.
* Is a Pediatrician with a practice in Winchester, MA.
* Failed to make the UK Olympics team as a shotputter.
* Is a student at Tokyo University.

Conclusion: Don't have the same name as someone else and then
expect Google to ignore the other people who have the same
name as you.  Go back in time and have your parents either
give you an uncommon name like Guy macon or a really common
name like John Smith.  Or beconme famous enough so that your
name comes out on top.

Guy Macon

Re: Search How is this done

On Sep 27, 6:18=A0am, Guy Macon < wrote:
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Thank you for your help!

Re: Search How is this done

On Fri, 26 Sep 2008 14:52:04 -0700 (PDT),

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There will be links going to the site with that term in the anchor

I doubt you can stop it. What you can do to stop people seeing it is
to create more pages about whomsoever and get lots more links from
authority sources going to those pages. That way they'll appear higher
in the search engines than the problem site and people won't see so
much of it. This is known as reputation management and probably if the
problem gets really bad you'll need to hire a professional to sort it


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