Search-engine strategies-- search results which may be like a 'crystal-ball'

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With search-engine queries yielding many (often irrelevant) results,
any attempts to narrow-down searches and improve relevancies are

Adding specific keywords within search-engine queries can not only
narrow-down search results, but may infer emerging trends in any
subject matter; through processes (related to semantics) of inferential
scanning, environmental scanning, or content-analysis.

Information consultant Richard Thieme describes 'nodal points' in
order to spot emerging trends Specific
keywords in 'search-engine' queries can act as 'nodal points;'
as a means of discerning semantic anomalies-- which may herald emerging
trends e.g., the closest thing to a 'crystal-ball.'

What 'marketable values' are there for keywords which can act as
'nodal points' e.g., search-engines, consultants?

A few of many examples of keywords are 'trend toward' and/or
'becoming more.'Adding the current, and even previous three-months
in the search query (example notation typed as "February, * 2005"
to include specific dates) infers up-to-date content.

Online content that mentions keywords "trend toward" and "February,

Online content that mentions keywords 'becoming more' and 'trend
toward' and current month e.g., February, 2005"*+2005%22&btnG=Search

RESULTS: Entering in the keywords 'becoming more' and/or 'trend
toward' as parts of search-engine queries lists search-results; may
infer content which signals growing industry / professional
developments, as well as the public zeitgeist. In some cases, search
results yield specialty websites that are fee-only and even restricted
access content. In many cases, content that mentions the words 'trend
toward' does not necessarily have tangible values.

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