Search Engine Profile Exchange - Updated September 20, 2007

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Latest Search Engine Profile Exchange - updated September 20, 2007 - is now
available - Online version at:

Search Engine Profile Exchange includes - General Internet Interest - A
wide variety of categories for popular search items. - Software Authors -
File Submission Tools, PAD Enabled sites and tools, File Search Engine
Issues -
Search Engines advice and Web Site promotion software, more!

Online Profile Exchanges are web pages with current information from the
profile exchange with links to various companies and their products. Online
product profiles include product URL, MFG, Date of price quote, Price,
Place to Buy URL, and if applicable, a download page for software, and
extended description.

We also offer a software product -  Product Scope 7 AND data versions of a
Profile Exchange that can provide more - up to 3 price quotes, product
description in memo format, display product images, more links, and easy
ways to view multiple products by category, make comparisons and more!

Web Updating - Profile Exchanges

With the release of Product Scope 7 - we are introducing a newer, easier to
use Update method to receive the latest product information for a
particular Profile Exchange - Web Updating. All our profile exchanges will
eventually be updated to this new method!

To use this new Web Update method - Install Product Scope 7 and a Web
Updated Profile Exchange install program for the installs and for detailed information about
Profile Exchanges

Step 1. - First, Download and Install Product Scope 7.

Step 2. - Then, Download and Install a Web Updated Profile Exchange -

For example - Search Engines - Web Update - this is an install program -
instructions are included with each Web Update install, and we recommend
you print these instructions.

Step 3. - To check for updates, at the Start Menu or Desktop Icon (install
instructions will include specific Start Menu or Desktop icon selections),
and NEW Updated data is automatically downloaded to your computer with JUST
a few mouse clicks when a new updated data version is available!

Pre-release - Product Scope 7 program features are complete, but we are
finishing the documentation, and preparing for the official Product Scope 7
release, AND you have the opportunity to download and try Product Scope 7
AND buy the software at a discounted price. Check our web site - to download and buy at introductory

When Product Scope 7 is officially released, you will be able to upgrade
very easily to that release with completed documentation and updated

We highly recommend printing the help topic - Getting Started Tutorial. Use
this tutorial to get acquainted with the general operation of Product Scope
7 and general use of the major features.

Product Scope 7 is not just a viewer for Profile Exchanges, but is an a
great tool for keeping price quotes for products you intend to buy - and
can be used for inventory purposes as well - you can store your information
in multiple folders - so use one folder to keep track of your software
purchases, passwords, etc - use another data folder for price quotes on
future purchases, use another data folder to store URLs for web sites you
like to visit and write short memos to remind you about the sites, and

Product Scope 7 provides a combination of tools using Database convenience
for keeping track of comparative product information, places to buy,
manufacturers, product images; located on the Internet and on local storage

* Spreadsheet - Send product data and pricing with totals directly to

* Image viewers, file utilities, and MORE!

For some screen shots of Product Scope 7 -


From David Troxell - Product Scope 7 - Encourager Software
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