Search Engine Optimization | Online Advertising Revenue

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Search Engine Optimization | Online Advertising Revenue

Those in the online advertising industry should read as it is
reported in this media release that Phone Books will become a thing of
the past.

With search engines receiving over 40% of the online advertising
revenue - online advertisers may want to consider joining with a wire
service or content provider to enhance their online revenues.

Here is a copy of the release

Search Engine Optimization Goes Mainstream

October 8, 2004 -- A few years ago if you needed to locate a hair
salon, restaurant, doctor, or even a landscaper, you would look in the
phone book or dial 411 for local information. These days, things are
different due to technology and rapid growth of the Internet.

In fact, some web experts believe that within the next twenty years
ordinary phone books will become a thing of the past. Internet search
engines will be the standard for finding the information people are

The Phone Book is presently a significant form of commercial
advertising. However, more and more customers have begun to utilize
Google, MSN, Yahoo, and various other search engines to track down
reliable, up-to-date information.

As a result of computer usage and Internet modernization, the question
is "How can online business owners obtain higher search rankings when
clients are seeking the products and services you offer?"

The answer is rather simple! You will need to consult an experienced
SEO (search engine optimization) professional or specialized company.
Beware of businesses that claim to produce results but deliver little
or next to nothing in results.

You will also need to join a community network within your local area,
as well as connect to a national network if you want your business to
be successful on the web.

Most importantly, you must have viable content on your web pages.
Useful subject matter offers your potential customers something to
read and consider before purchasing your services. Next, your site
must be easy to navigate, load quickly, and above all must not contain
hidden code or doorway pages in an attempt to trick search spiders or

The following information is a simple formula that I developed
approximately eight years ago and it is still effective today;

1.    Include matching title, description, and keyword tags.

2.    Make sure the title on your page matches the title tag in your

3.    Have a minimum of 350 text words on each page that you would
like promoted to the search engines.

4.    A site map is mandatory to ensure that all pages are spidered
within your site by the majority of search engines.

5.    Consult an SEO professional - not just a webmaster. Several
webmasters claim to be search engine optimizers, when in fact, they
understand little about proper web design combined with search engine

You will also want to locate a network that you can link your site to.
But then again - BEWARE - as link farms and link exchange programs may
cause your site to receive lower rankings than if you linked to no
other sites at all. A community network is your best bet, though it be
a forum or blog network.

A lot of people may call themselves SEO professionals but they are
typically nothing more than students who have paid a fee to attend an
SEO seminar. The fact of the matter is that this type of training was
started by a person with no knowledge of programming or systematic
page design, but rather saw an opportunity to earn speaking fees from
unsuspecting individuals looking for some type of get-rich-scheme.

An SEO firm I do recommend is EZ Rankings ( ).
I have been closely observing their methods and techniques and I
believe they are one of the most experienced SEO Providers in the
industry today.


The main points for companys allocating online advertising revenue:

1. Online Advertisers must understand that rankings are a priority

2. Online Advertisers must understand must design their sites with
search optimization as a key ingredient

3. Online Advertisers must understand that the title in the text must
match the title document tag

4. Online Advertisers must understand that not all webmasters
understand one iota of search engine optimization

5. Online Advertisers must understand that content is king

Search Engine Optimization | Online Advertising Revenue

National Editor

Re: Search Engine Optimization | Online Advertising Revenue

Very good article!  I think print yellow pages revenue is declining
about 5% a year right now.   However, I would suspect that the demand
for print yellow pages should decline significantly over the next 5
years as users make the shift from print yellow pages to search
engines.  Unfortunately, some local businesses are going to get caught
in a very strange position...Asking, where did my customers go?  Local
businesses should immediately get a website, get it optimized and
start learning how to attract online customers while the transition
takes place.

Kim Lauren
KaZaZZ! Search Engine (Day Bird Loft) wrote in message
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