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Can Anyone Help Me To Get My Website Listed On MSN & LOOKSMART.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Search engine optimization

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I see that the title of your home page begins "Search Engine
Optimization India", and your metatags include
   search engine optimisation
   search engine optimization India
   search engine promotion from India
   search engine optimization from india
   search engine optimisation
   search engine placement
   search engine marketing
   Search Engine Optimization
   Search Engine Optimization India
   Search Engine Promotion

So why are you asking us for advice?

Nick Wedd

Re: Search engine optimization

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ref: /

Title - description - keywords. The vast amount of words in the header area
doesn't closely match and accurately summarise the body content of each
page. so 0/10=FAILED.  I suggest, as a guide, and for each individual page:
4 word title, 20 words description and 200 words body content,  where title
and description are an accurate summary of the description and body text
below.  If keywords are used, use just 7 and pick the really important words
from the body text.   Using keywords not in the body text is misleading to a
search engine; it will easily detect this and might well mark you down.

I think the character padding effect of some 250 spam keywords and spurious
meta lines will actually lower your ranking. Also your amounts of alt= text
count against you.  I don't know about spam in your marquee - maybe some one
else has evaluated the benefit or otherwise of doing this.

Anyway nice pictures of phone operator and keyboard.  Can you slow down the
sideways scrolling pictures at the bottom?  They move far too fast.  Best
regards, Eric.

Re: Search engine optimization

On Tue, 18 Nov 2003 15:35:45 -0000, "Eric Johnston"

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The text in a marquee was indexed last time I checked, will be treated
as body text, so an easy way to hide a lot of spam.

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Re:Search engine optimization

Wow! That is some title tag!  :)  Please review our for proven guidelines on meta
tags. I also strongly agree about your alt tag spaming. Try real text
in the body of your page and you will rate much better for content.
Hope this helps and feel free to contact us for any questions.
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