Search Engine Opimization has never been so hot

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Search Engine optimization is so crucial!!! Search engine optimization
is defined by the process of increasing the amount of visitors to a
website by ranking high in the search results of the main search

The first purpose of search engine optimization also called Internet
Marketing SEO is to be positioned in places where identified customers
are. The second purpose is to be better positioned than the
competition in these places. While this figure varies by engine,
recent search data has shown that approximately 70% of users, if they
click, will click on one the first three listings in a search engine. found out that many companies who had hired expensive
web design firms, which spent hours on getting the design right and
the navigation fluid, were disappointed by the lack of traffic and
lead generation on their site. Search engines are looking at relevancy
of content, specific & relevant keywords alongside proper coding.
Without adequate Search Engine Optimization a website is invisible to
the search engines and all the costs to build it have lost their

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