Search engine for words beginning with a letter?

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Is there a search engine that will let me search for a phrase using
only the first letter of each word? For example:  "N* A* S* A*", would
give results like: "National Aeronautics and Space Administration" and
"National Auto Sport Association", and even "not another stinking


Re: Search engine for words beginning with a letter?

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Always thought NASA stands for National Artificial Stupidity Agency. They  
had two large projects going on, unfortunately I recall name of one only -  
IDMBH (I Did My Best, Honey).


Re: Search engine for words beginning with a letter?

__/ [ Borek ] on Sunday 14 May 2006 20:46 \__

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To OP: You might be better off writing your own parser to do this, assuming
you handle small chunks of text. This needs a special-purpose type of index.
Even search engines that operate on databases of computer code will be
unable to achieve anything as such.

I was going to suggest an acronym finder, but then realised it would not have
suited your need. Another unrelated point: what are you trying to achieve? I
am just very curious...

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*LOL* That's the beauty of acronyms. See sig.

Best wishes,


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Re: Search engine for words beginning with a letter?

Hopefully, you'll find this more helpful: /
You can type in something (like NASA) and it will tell you different
things that those letters stand for in company names, common
expressions, scientific terms, etc.

For example, here are only some of the results they return for NASA:
sort results: alphabetical  |  rank   ?  Search within these results

  rank   Acronym  Meaning
  ******     NASA National Aeronautics & Space Administration (USA)
  ******     NASA National Auto Sport Association
  ******     NASA National Aeronautics and Space Agency
  ******     NASA North America South America
  ******     NASA Nahverkehrsservice Sachsen-Anhalt (German:
Saxony-Anhalt local traffic service)
  ******     NASA Native American Student Association
  ****     NASA Natural Athlete Strength Association
  ****     NASA Network Affiliated Stations Alliance
  ****     NASA North American Saxophone Alliance
  ****     NASA National Association of State Archaeologists
  ****     NASA Non-Academic Staff Association (Canadian universities)

  ****     NASA Native American Student Affairs
  ****     NASA North American Shippers Association
  ****     NASA National Association of Sentencing Advocates
  ****     NASA National Association of Students of Architecture

Re: Search engine for words beginning with a letter?

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You're looking for a dictionary that gives additional results to the words

The site below lets you use anyone letter and additional wildcards.

I wouldn't know what you be searching for if the above isn't remotely close
to answering you question.


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