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For some years I have been recording links to websites featuring Search
Engines, many of them gleaned from this newsgroup.

I have slung together a web page

with over 550 links.

If you look long enough and hard enough I am sure you will find something of
interest.  Try checking out the Kartoo search engine.  Is this the way to
the future?

This is a very rough and ready page, but if you have nothing better to do on
a rainy Sunday afternoon you might find this page informative.

If you have any good sites to add, details of dead links or just general
comments to make the list better, please let me have them.

Sgt Wilson
National Socialist Movement

Re: Search Engine Database

How out of date is that listings - ive clicked about 20 links so far and
either its 404 or the instructions for submitting are incorrect - looks like
its an invalid resource :(

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Re: Search Engine Database

Well the database was put together over a number of years.
I have "line numbers" alongside every item.  If you could let me have the
dead link numbers I will get them out and then repost the database.

Ooops, I have just checked one at random (No 524) and originally it went to
a search engine utilities page.  Now it goes to a medical page.

Well it could  have been worse!

On the other hand, most of the links around it are still working.

Sure this database could be a hell of a lot better than it currently is, but
if you dig around I am sure you will find something of interest.

Any suggestions as to future improvements would be appreciated.  Should I
have longer and better descriprions of what the links are supposed to be
leading to?

Have you got any links to good search engine sites that are not listed?

I will keep working on this and update it if I get some feed back.

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Re: Search Engine Database

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That is probably a good thing -- you most likely do not want to become
associated with the Nazi party.

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