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I have a dilemma. Got new job and first thing that I got is questions about
search engine optimization.  I am trying research as much as I can, but
still would like to get some smart opinion.

We are chain hotel company with 6 locations.  There is an idea to register, etc.  Each
would have more or less specific keywords so there should not be hopefully
big problem with this.  Of course hotel, vacation, etc - the generic
keywords would be everywhere.  Then we would have
central page with more or less corporate links, links to all locations, and
so on.

Our web development company is pushing us to make only one site with 301
redirect, so from you would go to  .  The people responsible for the site do
not like it too much. The idea is that with 6+1 pages we have better chance
to get with at least one site high in search engine. The web development
comp. thinks that the changes are better with centralized one site.

Can somebody give me opinion on this? Would there be any penalization from
search engines? Would that be considered violation of the roles?



Re: search engine blocking

 > purmar wrote:
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Ultimately, search engine location is derived from the content you have
on the page and whether you are properly using title, meta and
heading tags.

If anything, some search engines penalize page ranking for the use for a
redirection page.

Laurie D. T. Mann
Findable Sites

Re: search engine blocking

Laurie D. T. Mann wrote:
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I would keep it all on one site, with simple static html code.  No nonsense
and no complications.   Have a home page with just six links, to and from,
each of the six hotel pages.  Then under each of the six hotels have at
least 10 pages of supplementary relevant information (local maps, guides,
pictures of hotel and staff, places to visit, details of services, rooms,
prices etc) linked to and from the particular hotel.  You then have a site
of about 67 pages all built as a strict pyramid.   Seek incoming links
directed to each of the individual 6 hotel pages with anchor text like
"Hotel in Blackpool".  Put outgoing links from all the "local places to
visit" type pages to top quality content sites that are fast to load and
attractive to your visitors, with anchor text like "York railway museum".
Finally, make up the entire site and get the all the words and links right
before putting it online.  I would be tempted to make the entire site white
with black text only, to start with.  You may be quite amazed how much
people (and search engines) like something really fast and different !.
During the first few weeks the internal site content will be critical so you
really must have all the words on all the pages as best you can.    Best
regards, Eric.

Re: search engine blocking

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Good advice Eric

Re: search engine blocking

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People always seem to get hung up on this idea that registering extra
domains is some sort of substitute for SEO.

It's not.  If you have 6 pages, each under its own domain, they will be
just as invisible as 6 pages under one domain.  The 301 idea makes the
domains even more pointless.

You may want to register the domains anyway, for brand protection, or to
make it easier to track conversions from particular forms of
But don't get misled into thinking that's an SEO tactic: it's not - it's
brand protection / conversion tracking.

As Eric suggests, get the people responsible for the site to stop
thinking in terms of technical tricks.  Instead, sit them down and think
about each of the 6 locations / hotels and what's great about each one.

Then write an article about each great feature you thought of.  Publish
each article on the site with a relevant keyword rich page heading and
title, and a link back to the main hotel page that uses your most
important keywords.

I personally would do this as a database driven site rather than a
static HTML one, so it's more scaleable and manageable, but either is
good. If you do go database, make sure whoever's building it has a good
grasp of how search engine spiders work.


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