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I have just launched a affiliate program at my search engine . And about 40 new members i got but most of
them are inactive. How to motivate them, can you help me?

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On 27 Jul 2004 21:13:50 -0700, (

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Re: Search Engine Affiliate Programs

On 27 Jul 2004 21:13:50 -0700, (

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Offer them more money.


Re: Search Engine Affiliate Programs wrote:
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I tried the 'search' function four times.  I waited 30 sec on three
occasions and 60 seconds on the fourth.  In all cases I had no response in
those times and I gave up.  Alexa says your site is very slow : 7%
percentile. Maybe the affiliates can't make it work either and are too
polite to say so.   I would suggest lots of ram memory so your database and
program is all in memory for a fast response.

What you are doing is similar to the Google search box which 'Google
affiliates'  can put on their web sites.  To compete, I would suggest you
target a limited range of specific subjects or countries really well so as
to get happy searchers and then gradually expand.  You will need to prime
your database manually with some top quality sites - perhaps offering this
as a free service until you get the system working.  I can't comment much
more as I have been unable to make your search database work at all.

You expect the searchers to type in some words into a search box.  I would
suggest adding a hidden option in the affiliate html script to pre-set a
default string of search words.  The affiliate may find this very useful to
give the searchers the best experience. e.g. the affiliate can then write
things like :  "If the above engineering drawings of grub screws and text
have not answered your problem then search the web now for further
information about grub screws [ grub screws ] <search button>"

Your partner page does not work.  It shows just a pale blue screen with "our
partner" written at the top.

It would be helpful to have a page of links to all your affiliates, so
aspiring affiliates can see how othes do it and to test the system.

Can you please stop your site from opening more and more windows as you go
from page to page.

Finally a couple of other things intrigue me:  What is the fancy writing
which looks like "ANIEP SEDOPLD" under your logo?   Alexa
says you are in Vietnam so why do you exclude Asia in the FAQ ?.

Best regards, Eric.

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