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Hello All:

Next time you're searching the web with Google or Yahoo, include the
phrase "personal bookmarks" (in quotes) in your search.  For example,
I recently did a search with these words:

vegetarian "personal bookmarks"

The hits that are returned are the collections of personal bookmarks
on the Web that contain the word "vegetarian".  Since people usually
only include their favorite websites in their personal bookmark
collections, you can find some real jewels this way. I came up with
this technique years ago, and many people I've shared it with have
found it beneficial.

(By the way, I think that most people who post their bookmark
collections to "search engine visible" sites KNOW that they are going
to be searchable/viewable, so I don't think you are typically viewing
*private* bookmark collections.  I think these are, for the most part,
collections people are happy to share.)

(And one additional remark for those who are newer to the Web. No,
your bookmarks collection is NOT visible on the Web unless you upload
it to the Web.  Typically, your bookmarks collection is saved on your
local PC in a file with a name like "bookmark.htm" or "bookmarks.html"
or something like this (at least, if you are a Netscape or Mozilla
user).  But if you upload that file to the Web,  it may well be
"crawled" or examined by a search engine.  In that case, it may appear
as a result in some person's web search.  However, if you keep your
bookmarks on your local PC, they remain private and unsearchable (at
least under normal, hacker-free circumstances!)

Happy Browsing!

David Brett


Re: Search Bookmark Collections of Others

All I get from Google is; "Try removing quotes ......

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