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I currently am experienceing some problems with my site in google. If I
search by domain name, it brings up the site perfectly. If I however use the
google ranking tool ( it does not find my site under
specific keywords.

Some days it is listed (like yesterday) under a specific keyword @366 in the
list, but it never shows for the keyword it has been optimized for.

What can be wrong? is it the backlinks?

In May this year we have totally revamped
the site, and since then the problem persists.

If someone has an idea, it would be great!



Re: SE Problems

namres wrote:
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use the

I'm experiencing the same problem. If you try "funny pictures" for on it says "Sorry, Your
site was not within the ranks in Google=99's results." Quite annoying
since by manual search shows that this page could be found jumping
somewhere between 100-300th place out of 13 million pages (at the
moment of writing this replay). Annoying, dont you think?
Cheers, Cirano


Re: SE Problems

Hi Cirano

I checked this morning at 9 and my listing for Namibia Safaris was on
319 on Google. 1 1/2 hours later it is on 346. At least it is listed
somewhere for a change! Domain is .

This site was really listed well previously before we revamped it and
now its a disaster!

Hope you have more luck with yours!

Mark wrote:
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Re: SE Problems

What is the url?


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Re: SE Problems


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