Scared to ask, but . . .

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I am not new, just not real good with SEO, have had some successes and
some not success.  My true failure is

My question is,  did I read in an earlier post that posting your site
on a message board such as this helps its popularity??   If that is
the case, seems I would go around answering questions with my site

Doesn't make sense to me, but in a way it does.


Re: Scared to ask, but . . .

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Posting here probably won't help you in any way... since this is a newsgroup
and not a website forum

Basically the way it works is that the more links back to your site, the
higher your page rank (with Google, we're talking here)

So if you are reading a forum and it is indexed by Google (you can tell by
the toolbar) and post something with a link to your site, then that will
count as a link back to you the next time Google indexes that page.

That pretty much applies to anything on the net that you can post to... if
its indexed by Google and you make a posting with your link, you'll get the
link back to your site (forums, reviews, user comments, guestbooks, etc)

But, like I say, posting here really won't help you too much, since this
isn't indexed by google for the purpose of link popularity (it is indexed
for the site)... but in posting a link at the bottom of
your posts, you might get traffic/business/sales by people visiting it who
see it there... IE for your site you might start posting in relevant groups
to your site (fishing, boating, outdoor recreation, etc) and in your
signature you might have something like:

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and as people see your signature they might be inclined to click on it and
see what your site has to say and what you are selling


Re: Scared to ask, but . . .

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By the way this group is being archived here:

So signatures here will show up there and their home page is now up to
a PR5.

I often wonder if posting here can actual hurt you if someone decides
to turn you in for techniques they consider spam or if the folks over
at google look at these newsgroups and forums looking for SEO points
of view and decides hey dont like your post/site and decide to
penalize. Or maybe I'm paranoid, huh?

Tim /

Re: Scared to ask, but . . .

Tim Arnold wrote:
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Hate to tell you but the posts themselves are on lower pr pages of pr3
like this one: and not worth the effort.

Re: Scared to ask, but . . . (Tim Arnold) wrote in news:2c80a852.0401052129.72473cb1

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More likely a competitor might see the post and report it.

A year or so ago I do remember seeing a particularly blatent amd misleading
example of spam posted (not here) as best practice, and I reported it to
google myself.  All offending pages removed from database within a couple
of weeks.  

Possibly coincidence. I understand that usually spam reports are more often
ignored than not, but have not tested this.

On Usenet it's always as well to post 'best practice' rather than 'what I
got away with once upon a Monday' if you can, whatever you are posting

I have been posting here a fair while with no damage. YMMV.

Clare Associates Ltd /
01822 835802

Re: Scared to ask, but . . .

On 5 Jan 2004 21:29:44 -0800, (Tim Arnold) wrote:

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Are you saying that if I post a comment and add my signature block

Tom Jones

I might actually get penalized?

If so, then,,

Will they penalize themselves now?

Re:Scared to ask, but . . .

So bottom line is I guess it does help to do that, just find sites
that have a higher pr
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Re: Scared to ask, but . . . (Billykilmer) wrote in message
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I still think it is a good idea to post your link here because as I
tried to point out earlier has a PR5 and growing. Of
course the rest of the site has low PR but may get higher as time goes
on and then you wish you had taken the extra 3 seconds to put your
link in your signature.

Tim /

Re: Scared to ask, but . . .

This newsgroup is also being archived here:

Tim /

Re: Scared to ask, but . . .

Tim Arnold wrote:
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Unfortunateley it has zero pr and so useless. If the pr ever goes up
down the road then you'll want to post that again.

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