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Re: RSS and SEO?

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Yes and any other site that utilizes newsfeeds.

And, will that permit semi-automatic updating of the xml by
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hit the

I am not sure.

All sites are automatically xml sites. Simply  add
"/atom.xml" at the end of the link. They provide a link in the control
panel for the newsfeeds.

I have heard lots of talk that making your site an rss site will
improve traffic but dont have all of the lowdown myself yet.

Here are some simple resources for turning yor page into an xml site.

Online xml generator:

Last but not least. FREE RSS generating software:


Re: RSS and SEO?

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Hi Tim,

Thanks for the links. I have set up an xml page but was not sure I wanted to
have to enter the data twice - once for my html page and once for the xml

It sounds like the Blog procedure would take the text that was highlighted
on an html page and automatically add it to the xml Blog page without having
to code the xml. Is that correct?

 I was reading your web page on how to do this and have a question. Were you
suggesting setting up a Blog page using Yahoo or using I also
assume that you would set up a blank page for the Blog so that the
highlighted html data would go over to the xml page and act as an RSS feed.
Is that right?

Thanks Tim,


Re: RSS and SEO?


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For now keep it simple - create a feed, use a tool like FeedForAll then use a free online service like FeedRoll to generate a javascript that can be inserted
into a webpage to display the feed. Then simply submit the feeds to the list of
RSS directories like those listed at:

If you have a account simply subscribe to your feed on your home page
and Yahoo will index it.

Best of luck
Kyle Higgins

Re: RSS and SEO?

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Hello Kyle,

I am trying to avoid having to enter the same content twice: once for an
html News page and another for the xml page.

I did follow Tim's advice and setup a page, a Yahoo account with
RSS selected, and the Blogger button on the Google toolbar. You just
highlight what you want on the html page and it automatically gets copied
onto the Blogger page. Then you can see it in the Yahoo RSS reader
selection. However, it does not appear to be available as an xml page for
RSS Readers other than Yahoo. I am still trying to figure this out because
it does generate an xml page.

I also did a Feed For All page and that does work quite well. But you have
to enter all the content twice. That may be the only option but I am not

Thanks Kyle,


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