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I am trying to delete may of the extraneous keywords on my website, as
suggested by this group.  I wanted to ask about root words.  Do all search
engines look at the root word and use it for all words that might have it
partially in them?  In other words, if I put sarcoma in my keyword list,
will the search engines steer those who search for the words:

sarcomatoid, angiosarcoma, chondrosarcoma, dermatofibrosarcoma, liposarcoma,

to my website?

I am trying to get this website 'search engine friendly'.  Thank you for all
your suggestions.
Take Care,  Sharon Lane

Re: Root Word Question

Sharon wrote:
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Stemming algos used by search engines seem to be unreliable at best.  I
guess you sgould try to work all of your keywords into your text.

William Tasso -

Re: Root Word Question

William Tasso wrote:
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 "Unreliable" is not as informative word as "individually
designed." That is, there is no universally agreed upon
convention for stemming or root words. Each search engine
designer makes his or her own (or collective) decisions about how
the roots  or stems will "leaf out".

In your case, i think you absolutely must add all those words to
your home page (as SEO Dave says AND i think you should make a
content-delivery definition page for each disease. Then link from
the main page to each of the cancer definitions pages and from
each of them to the main page.

Also, to keep the site from being written in the deadly boring
"star pattern" style (all pages radiate from one home page) you
will want to create a "net pattern" of interlinkage. I'd suggest
that if two of these rare cancers are in any way similar or were
once thought to be similar or identical, be sure to explain that
on the description page with a link to the other cancer's page.
Like so:

On the Cancer A page:
Cancer A was once thought to be identical with <a
href=cancerBpage.html><b> Cancer B</b></a>, due tot their similar
symptoms, but recent medical studies have shown them to be
distinctly different diseases.

and on the Cancer B page:
As recently as the 1960s, Cancer B was thought to be a rare form
of <a href=cancerApage.html><b> Cancer A</b></a>, but pioneering
research by Dr. XYZ has proved that despite having similar
symptoms, they are unrelated and respond to different forms of

No matter what anyone says, good SEO is not so much about tricks
as it is about content.


cat yronwode

Re: Root Word Question

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Sweetheart, you need one page with detailed copy for each different
form of cancer. You work on that and we can collectively worry about
everything else.


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