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Gabhile is a tool that helps you to roll your own search engine with
Google.Create categories and add your trusted/favorite sites and get
more relevant search results.Some other features are finding
backlinks,organise favorites etc.Read more here.

It uses Google web APIs.Follow the steps to get Gabhile working for

1=2E You need a Google API key to make Gabhile work for you. Get your
free Google API key at : =
Sign in your account and the key will be mailed to you in your Gmail

2=2E Goto to see what Gabhile all about
3=2E Download it from
4=2E Install it.
5=2E Goto the folder Docs under C:program filesGabhile and then open up
6=2E Jump to the configuration section in the file and follow the
7=2E Start using Gabhile right away!

Prominent features:
1=2E Search your favorite sites:
Create categories and add your favorite/trusted sites to them and then
search only those sites. By default it searches the web.10 results from
each site in a category get displayed in the result pane. When you
click on the side if each result it will open in a different window of
its own. The currently selected result is selected in yellow color for
easy identification.
=B7 Only gives results from on your trusted sites
=B7 Filters out 'noise' in search results
=B7 Drill down to directory level in your favorite sites. More
specific. More relevant.
=B7 You can still search results from the web.

2=2E Filter by Geography:
If you choose a country then you only get results hosted out of that
=B7 Very useful if you want to do some region specific research.
=B7 Useful to find local phone numbers, businesses.

3=2E    Include and Exclude terms:
If you find that your results are being shown only from one or two
sites and you want to exclude the term from your search term then
select the term right click on it and just choose exclude and the
word/phrase/sentence and press search again. It will be excluded
.Similarly if you see a word/phrase in the results and you want to add
it to the search terms to narrow down your search then just select the
term and right click and then just choose include and the term gets
=B7    Get rid of 'noise' words in your results quickly.
=B7    Add desired terms to your search quickly.

4=2E    Add Bookmarks:
After viewing certain results if you like them and want to make one or
multiple bookmarks just check the boxes next to them and click on
Add2Favorites and all the links get bookmarked with the title as
keywords you entered to get the results. You might change the keywords
too while adding the bookmark by just changing the text in search for
text box
=B7    Search through previous bookmarks. Save time.
=B7    Never loose bookmarks by accidental overwriting of windows

5=2E    Save Search results to disk:
Check one/more checkboxes against the results to save them to disk. The
files get saved into your Docs folder under Gabhile folder.
=B7    Never loose a search result when web pages are off sites. Be
ready fro anything
=B7    Saving file to your own system is more secure than saving files
on internet sites. Be Safe
6=2E    Springboard New Searches:
When you want to do further research on the same topic start by looking
at what you already have. Goto the third tab called search bookmarks
and then enter a keyword in the box and pres the button next to it. If
there is a bookmark you have earlier then Gabhile will select the
keyword where ever it appears and then just click on the links to open
them in your browser
=B7    Prevent duplicates in bookmarks caused by bookmarking same
result multiple times. Avoid confusion.
=B7    Share links with pals (upcoming feature)

7=2E    Find Backlinks:
When you want to find backlinks to a certain search result just right
click anywhere in the result and choose links2page and Gabhile find the
pages that link back to this page.
=B7    Helps in relating organizations. Be well informed
=B7    Helps your research. Be efficient

8=2E    Chart backlinks:
When you have unto 5 URLs that you want to compare in terms of
backlinks then simply enter them press the 'find links' button. A
progress bar kicks off and comes to stop only when backlinks for all
URLs are found. Get a 2D/3D chart with a click of the 'chart'
=B7    Track site/page popularity. Get real
=B7    Copy/paste the chart onto your own reports in

9=2E    Change colors:
You can change the colors as you like. Click on the 'set color'
button at the bottom of Gabhile. See the effect of various colors and
then press 'save settings' button to set the color. Next time you
fire it up Gabhile takes up your chosen color.

10.    See through Gabhile:
Click on 'see through' button to see through the Gabhile window.
You can see what's behind Gabhile. Click the button again to return
to normal view.

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I believe you forget to name the source. I found this among the Yahoo News
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It points to PRWeb.

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