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Okay - I have been getting some extremely unusual crawler activity on
my website, which is actually pulling its bandwidth usage into overload
(and is going to start costing me money).

I do have a robots.txt file, and I thought I would check its syntax.
Fair enough. Now this is where it got wierd. When I go to any part of, it crashes my browser, before loading much of the site
at all.

Fine, I am using firefox, try it in IE. It also crashes the browser.
Okay - try it on a different computer, with IE - crashes the browser.
This is mighty odd behaviour.

Try it a different subnet - I get the same. Try it on a different
network - ouch still got a crash.

The only thing that showed a difference was my PDA (A Pocket PC 2003
device) - which simply said "the page you are looking for cannot be

Is something really fishy - like a defaced site being doctored to send
out malformed headers and crashing browsers? If I link it with strange
crawler behaviour, it makes me wander if there is some general attack
going on, that nobody has clocked yet. I may just be overreacting or
missing something, but I have used that site before, and I have *never*
seen this before. Not the same site, regardless of deep linking,
regardless of browser, and regardless of network/machine.

Any ideas here?

Re: - strange, strange, strange

I would say something is wrong with their DNS right now

Brent Atkerson
Anrod Screen Cylinder Co.

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