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First: My english is not good - so i hope you understand my problem...

i have one Homepage with 2 Domains. The second domain is directed to a
subdirectory of the first domain.
Webspace Structur
- Dir_Alex <=3D startpoint for Domain 1 called  (example)
|_ SubDir_Bianca  <=3D startpoint for Domain 2 called

If i open the Domain 2 i get see only the - and
not Thats OK!

Now the Google Robot has detected my second Domain and if anybody will
search for it google will display not the Domain2-name (,
it shows:

So my question:
How can i modify my page or the Robot.txt or something else, that
google and other spiders/robots  will show the right name of the second
domain? If anybody search the Homepage of my girlfriend, i won=B4t that
everybody see, thats a part of my page (domain 1).

So anybody can help me?

thanks a lot


Re: Robots.txt Special orders

__/ [] on Sunday 19 February 2006 10:35 \__

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I hope I understood your problem correctly. I read it twice, but there are

I will assume that your subdirectory /subdir_bianca/ has not been crawled and
indexed. I will also assume that you want to encourage search engines to
enter to /subdir_bianca/ by changing robots.txt. If that's correct, then you
cannot do it. robots.txt can only be used to prevent search engines from
descending to certain locations, among a few other things. Search engines do
not 'like' to be manoeuvred. If you are interested in Google particularly,
then I suggest you look at:

You can list all pages to be crawled and assign crawling priority/cycle to

Hope it helps,


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Re: Robots.txt Special orders

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

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I think he wants just the opposite: He does not want /* to be crawled, he wants to be crawled, which has the same content since it
actually is the same files. He just doesn't want anybody to see that has anything to do with

@Alex: Do you know de.comm.infosystems.suchmaschinen? Essentially the same
as here, but in German and less traffic.



Re: Robots.txt Special orders

"Marc Nause" wrote ...
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So he wants to hide one so that SEs will not realise he's duplicating - but
if he hides one from the SEs, his duplicating won't work anyway, so he might
as well be honest?

He's a bright guy.

Why doesn't he just build one great site and half his marketing effort - and
stop tying himself in knots?
And why doesn't he 301 from the crappier of the two to the less crappy?

All that effort for zero reward and high risk of being dropped (robots.txt
after the event is notoriously unreliable).

Andrew Heenan
Editor /
Directory of Quality Directories
"I Don't Know A Lot - But I Know Spam When I See It"

Re: Robots.txt Special orders

Andrew Heenan wrote:

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The way I see it is nothing to do with SE in particular, more Domain stuff.

i.e. He want's to change whichever file it is in the root directory that
   on typing dns points to and whatever
configuration file is needed with whatever info included to tell the
visitor (be it human or spider etc) that the desired website is actually
in a sub-directory of original and as such gets displayed correctly.
Like most shared domain servers.

That's how  I understand it.

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