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1. This guy is a dmoz editor. these are the corrupt arrogant slobs who
won't add your websites to open directory that you've all been
complaining about. Reason right there why you should not give much
credance to what he tells you.

2. Contrary to what rfgdxm/Robert F keeps saying about google banning
websites for doing naughty things it is totally untrue and google
doesn't ban anyone for anything. I can show you hundereds of sites
breaking every rule in the google guidelines that are still listed in
google and doing well. I've reported many of these sites myself to
google using their special abuse page and nothing has ever happened to
these sites yet  and I doubt nothing ever will.

3. Let's face facts about google. They are a spammer's choice search
engine despite what they say in their guidelines. Guy like SEO who
create hundreds of useless pages to their sites do great with google.
All you have to do is craete diff file names and sub directory names,
re-do basically the same few pages over and over and over again creating
hundreds of internal links for your website, and once you get them all
to a page rank of 4 on up google will credit your site with having
hundreds of links just as if they were external links that you exchanged
with other sites. If don't belive then check out SEO's adult lingerie
link to's or back links if you use the google tool bar and see how many
links google gives him and look at all the links there. They are 99%
internal links from his own site. Now I ask you what in the world
popularity has to do with creating hundreds of your own internal links?
This is spam pure and simple and not popularity. That would be like the
president voting for himself ten millions times and winning the election
and then claiming how popular he is.

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