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  What would it cost to have a real search engine again?  Like the
original pre-CMGI altavista with complex boolean commands.  I waste so
much time with junk advertising, I just might pay a reasonable amount
for a search engine that is a serious engine instead of a marketing

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Re: return of a nerd's engine wrote:

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Give an example of a query.

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Re: return of a nerd's engine

__/ [John Bokma] on Monday 06 February 2006 22:02 \__

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You could block virtually all advertisement and even use controversial
gateways like Scroogle. Boolean operations and the like are useless unless
they produce good (relevant) results. The way Google builds indices (which
seems to work admirably well) does not support the same levels of query
complexity. It's a design choice.

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Re: return of a nerd's engine

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Yup, hence the question: give a query. Most people complaining about the
quality of ops don't know how to use the ops that are provided by SEs.

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