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Threaded View friend has recently bought a new computer. When he tries to
search thru Google he gets mainly USA sites, not his local area
(Australia) - he is searching thru Google Australia?? - why so??

Re: Restricted search

By default google does a global search wich will most probably lead to
U.S. sites,
go to google advanced options and make your selection.

It is very unlikey that this is related to spyware, unless you get
"strange" results.

Re: Restricted search

__/ [] on Monday 19 December 2005 05:25 \__

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The  problem  is  unlikely to be related to the computer being  new.  This
nonetheless indicates that it is less (or more possibly and coversely i.e.
/more/)  likely  to be affected by worms. If that was the case,  he  would
probably be diverted to 'black sites', pr0n primarily.

About a month ago, the newsgroup was visited by another Australian guy who
had  supposedly  got  infected by a worm that swayed him away  from  'real
Google'. This is unlikely to be the case here. Have you looked into search
settings?  try deleting the browser cookie which is labelled "".
Also,  try to do a like-with-like comparison. See if your friend gets dif-
ferent  results  than  you for one particular phrase.  Are  you  accessing
Google Australia or The latter often re-directs to the former.

Hope it helps,


Re: Restricted search

On Mon, 19 Dec 2005 09:27:22 +0100, Roy Schestowitz  

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Roy, that won't be as easy as you suggest, as they will be sent to
different datacenters and the results will be partially different
almost for sure.


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