Research project: Boy/older male relationships

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Apologies are offered for this off topic post, but it is desirable in
this type of research to solicit respondents from widely divergent groups
which have no particular interest in the subject being investigated.

If you, as a boy, had a willing relationship with a male who was at least
three years older, and if that relationship included a sexual component,
we invite your participation in this project.

This current project only deals with situations that were willing and
consensual. Situations which were unwilling or coerced in any way are not
dealt with now, but will be considered in future projects.

If you wish to contribute to the scientific understanding of the long
term effects of willing relationships between boys and older males which
included a sexual component, we invite you to go to:

To those who do not qualify or are not interested in participating, your
forbearance is appreciated.

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