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((Sorry for the confusion.  I accidentally selected Cancel
please bear with me))

Hi Everyone -

First I would like to thank James Taylor.  He has been a great help to me
from  ... thank you very much James for all of your

Finally my website PR has been updated!! :)  My site is now sitting at PR6
... however I'm still waiting for more links to show up on google.  I'm sure
that will come in time.  I was pleasantly surprised! =)

Now that I type in Toronto Garage Doors .. I show up 8th spot.  I would love
to boost my site up to 1st for Toronto Garage Doors .. however I would even
like to get as high up as I can for the search term Garage Doors as well.

The sites above me when focusing on 'Toronto Garage Doors' consist of
PR1-PR4 sites.  A few of them that are coming up for that search, are
actually sites that I have exhanged links with so people who go to them will
be led to my site through their that's not too bad.

So now I'm sure my PR is fine ((although I will continue to exchange
reciprocal links with related sites)) ... the problem now seems to be with

a) My content.  Which I can't seem to figure out why since it looks good to


b) My website's code.
I've been told that I have a lot of javascript/css garbage in my code that's
hindering the search engines from getting to the meat of my content.

First off - the description of my site seems to only show my alt text from
may two images on the top of my page.  I have a sneaking suspicion that the
search engine is only getting to that content...and not seeing the actual
words typed out on the white section where all my content goes.

Finally, google doesn't seem to be indexing/spidering my site correctly.  A
few of my pages are still not showing up .. I've been trying to get my
products page with the products pages of parts I sell online spidered..but
no luck there. ((and I've been told to put the links of those pages on the
front page in my content in order to allow google to find them)) ... so I
will work on that next ... however I'm wondering if googlebot will even get
to them with all the garbage before my content begins.

Is there anyone who wouldn't mind helping me out to get my pages sorted out
for search engines?  Or is there any good professional sites that sell
dreamweaver/fireworks website templates that are perfect for SEO and I coudl
go that way and revamp my entire site lol  I'm looking for something that
looks very professional like my current site and as cleanly designed in
terms of layout.

Thank you for your time!

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Hey Arjay,

It has been my pleasure to see your site improve as a result of the time and
effort you have placed into it...CONGRATULATIONS!

You are proof that many don't need to pay for services (what am I saying!!)
if they have the time and apply what is being shared here.
I learned that way too and have many people to thank for it (although most
of them are gone now)!

I am not sure you need a template or some other design to do better
SEO-wise.  If you want to do it because you want to change your look, that
would be acceptable though.

Offloading the JavaScript and doing some more fine-tuning on your site will
help you achive your goals. You are already on the way adn Google still has
an update coming (possibly in the next 3-4 weeks??)

If I remember from our last conversation, Google did not appear to spider
all of your content.  Look to proper text linking in addition to the
JavaScript stuff and make sure that you "interlink" your site properly B4
Google does its update so that you will enjoy those benefits as soon as

Keep up the good work my friend!

James Taylor - SEO, Web Development and Hosting -FREE SEO TOOLS

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