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Can you help a newbie I have been approached by firm who has a site that has
high rankings in search engines.
He wishes me to change graphic for him no problem, he also has changed ISP
providers is he in danger of losing his high ranking because the site will
reside on web space with a different IP address

Many thanks

Re: repointing domain names

Ian Harris wrote:
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It should be possible to change over without any trouble but be very

In theory you make an exact copy of the site at the new IP address and then
just change the DNS pointing.  After about 36 hours all the requests will be
coming to the new server.
If you have the new site operating early put a temporary robots.txt block on
it to stop spiders indexing it under IP address.   Similarly, block or turn
off the old server afterwards.

If your Google ranking is country related then it is important that Google
understands that the new IP address really is in the country concerned.
For example, if you are in the UK and want to be included in the UK Google
results it is no good going to firm of american origin and now with an
office in the UK that has failed to notify Google that its IP addresses
which came from a historical american allocation are now in the UK.
Investigate a number of adjacent IP addresses and find out if the web sites
on those are recorded as being in the UK Google listings.

Best regards, Eric.

Re: repointing domain names

 >Eric Johnston wrote:
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I changed to a new ISP in the spring and it had absolutely no impact on
any rankings that I saw.  I had no leeway at all because the server on
which my sites resided died abruptly and the ISP was in no hurry to
repair it.  So, after three days, I rented space at a new ISP
and moved everything over.  Within another two days or so,
Google was pointing to the new IP address and everything was fine.

So long as you aren't playing some games and still have good
content and a well-constructed page (and you remember, as Eric
pointed out, to turn off the old server), you shouldn't have
any problems.

Laurie Mann
Findable Sites

Re: repointing domain names

Ian Harris wrote:

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Should be no problems BUT:

If ranking in the UK google search is important -
make sure you host in the UK (or have UK designated IP numbers).

Google doesn't count as being in the UK unless
the webserver is located in the UK....


Re: repointing domain names

On Thu, 18 Nov 2004 11:20:05 GMT, "Mike Redrobe"

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Yes it does. not hosted in the UK, non UK IP
(always hosted where it is now).

Can be found with "pages from the UK" search at .

For example Classic Literature

WOW look at those spammy sites from Son of Sam- (not spammy) /

How many of these mirrored/doorway type pages has stoma done!

-- /

Re: repointing domain names


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You forgot this one .

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