Related Similiar Links Manipulation

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Does anyone know if it's possible to manipulate related similiar links,
those links you see when you click on the 'similiar' link for a web site
at google? I've been looking at my similiar links and ones from other
people's sites. I don't know how google figures out what links are
related to a site. I have some links they show that don't seem related
at all, completely different subject matter, and some good ones same
subject matter and authority type sites, but I also have some really bad
ones that I wish weren't there, links from spammy sites as well. Is
there anyway to seo for related links? some way of either posting or
adding certain links on my sites? I'm open to both whitehat and even
blackhat ideas about this. Similiar related links seo is one area of seo
I know nothing about.

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