registration in 350 thousands search engines....

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I found a company (quite well known in my country) which promise that for
10$ my webpage will be registered
in 350 thousands search engines in whole world. Here you have an address (if
you speak Polish....): /. You can
read there that they do not guarantee that your webpage will be placed on
right position (which is quite obviously) but they register it.

My question is: it is at all possible? Should I believe in these sort of
advertisements? As far as I know a few search engines have started prevent
from automatic registration, and few suppose to be paid before registration.

What are you thinking about it?


Re: registration in 350 thousands search engines....

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Hi Peter,

There are probably not 350,000 search engines  out there to begin with, but
even more importantly, there are only 6-10 that will deliver you any
appreciable traffic.

If your site is brand new and you have not registered it yet, I would
suggest going to this link and doing it manually.
If you are linked to by a site that is already in google and has a page rank
of 4/10 or higher, you should have your site spidered in a few days.  Once
you are in Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and a few others will most likely pick
you up for their directories.

Check out some of the other posts in the NG from the past four days.
Someone else listed three or four sites that you can submit to for free.

Good luck

James Taylor

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