Redirection, hosting and page rank question

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Hi, I hope this question is not too naive but I could not so far find
an FAQ on this.

I have a set of pages hosted on my own isp with the usual long
Additionally I have a Domain with that redirects to these
pages (to the Index page actually).
Viewing the source of these pages via the address shows
just some brief data set up by the Domain hosting co and redirection
script - not the text that would be spidered to get an appropriate
page ranking.

In fact Google has given a much higher ranking to the direct page on
my isp (very long address) than the address.

Now the question: How do I get the real contents of my main page to be
seen directly by the spider? I do not have any control over what the
Domain host co is doing except for some rather ineffective Meta info.

Is the main or only method to have one's Domain hosted by the same co.
that hosts the actual pages?

Is there somewhere an FAQ about the relationship between one's actual
page content, the Domain pointing (redirecting) to it, the server and
it's ip address to it and search engine ranking?

(to take one example: if you pretend to be a search engine spider &
view the source of the page you will see the content
of that actual page. Does this mean that the Name Server jumps direct
to that page? Is the Domain reg'd with the same co that hosts the
actual page content?)

I need to make up my mind in order to move some pages from my local
isp to a hosting co before commencing some promotion, you see.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

Nigel in the UK

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Re: Redirection, hosting and page rank question

On 18 Jul 2004 14:09:01 -0700, (Nigel R)

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Er, dunno, but you need to change "no been possible" to "not been


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