Redirect affect on SE ranking

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Suppose I have two domains, and  My website
resides on  My registrar for is simply forwarding
all traffic to the main website at, using a 302
redirect from B to A.

Now, suppose some external websites have links to the URL.
The traffic from these links, of course, ends up at via the
302 redirect from B.  But how do these redirected links affect the
ranking/PR for  Do they help improve A's ranking, because
the traffic ends up at  Or do the links not affect A's
ranking at all, because the URL in the external link is actually

A related question: suppose that instead of the 302 redirect at, I actually have a web page with an active server pages
redirect command, like this:  Response.Redirect (" ").
Will the search engines interpret this situation any differently than
the 302 redirect?

BTW, I realize a 301 is better for this kind of situation, but my
registrar will only do 302s.

Thank you in advance for your expertise,
Raymond Scott

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