Reciprocal links and SEO

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If I've created a website for someone and add it to my portfolio on my shop
window site, then the inbound link from their site becomes a reciprocal
link, which as I understand it means it doesn't do any good for my search
engine ranking.

Would something as simple as linking to a PHP script on my site that would
perform an HTTP redirect to the other person's website trick the search
engines into not treating it as a reciprocal link?  Or is that wishful

Alternatively, if I stick a NOFOLLOW directive in my metatags will that
achieve the same thing?

Any advice gratefully received.


Re: Reciprocal links and SEO

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Like with a lot of things SEO related, only a handful of people know a bit
about it, and the rest just repeats what they hear, heard (often in the
90's), or think they heard. You probably heard/read that reciprocal
linking is bad. But like with all things, if it's done moderately there is
no problem (IMO). If you're in doubt about SEO always ask yourself: does
it have any use to a visitor?

So the questions in this case are:

        - is a link on the site you designed to you useful to the visitor
        - is a link to the site you designed useful to the visitor

I would say the former is useful to some visitors, and the latter is
useful to most visitors (of the page in your portfolio).

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No, and no (the latter: you probably mean rel="nofollow" in the a
element). Each time you want to "trick" a search engine you should ask
yourself how you can avoid this trick in the first place, especially if
it's bothering your visitors.

As I wrote a bit above: the website you designed is (IMO) related with
your site: you designed it. The website you designed is somewhat related
with your site (it was designed by you, but that is not it's main

If you're afraid of PR "leaks", etc. You're very mistaken about SEO.
In general: if you want to improve the number of visitors, I recommend to
write once a week (or twice a month) a short article on webdesign. Also,
in your portfolio describe (on a seperate page, or even pages) *how* you
designed, the challenges, etc. Remember: content is king.

John Bokma                            

Re: Reciprocal links and SEO


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Don't waste your energies messing around like that. It's your
portfolio, no need to worry too much about links from it. Worry about
getting links from related sites, seo sites, other design sites, web
development sites etc.

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