Reciprocal links and pagerank (not spam)

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I have two sites, a PR6 and a PR7. They reciprocally link to one

I read, somewhere, that google does not count reciprocal links the way
it counts one way links. Is that true?


Re: Reciprocal links and pagerank (not spam)

On 28 Apr 2005 13:02:08 GMT, Ignoramus20994

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Where you read this did they offer evidence or just an opinion?

If I say reciprocal links count more than one way links are you going
to believe me blindly?

Hardly anyone does SEO experiments and publishes, so what you tend to
get is opinion after opinion that if said enough times turns into

I haven't tested the relative benefits of reciprocal vs one way links,
but my opinion is there is no difference. The only difference comes in
when you think about how PR works.

In your example above if each has the same number of links from the
pages linking and one is PR7 the other PR6, the PR6 page will benefit
most from this arrangement. Depending on the number of links from the
PR7 page there might be more PR in that one link than the PR6 page had
to start with!

A PR7 page 'holds' the same amount of PR as approx. seven PR6 pages.
So one link from the PR7 page (if it's not got loads of links from it)
could easily double the amount of PR the PR6 page had.

Most reciprocal link exchanges aren't that generous. They tend to be
between similar PR pages, usually lower than PR5, so the amount of PR
exchanged is minimal. You link two PR4 pages together there will be
very little PR exchange, so any benefit will be due to the anchor text
of the link. So you gain some PR and loose just as much (someone will
gain, but very little), overall just a little ranking benefit thanks
to the anchor text of the link.

A one way link is different. PR flows in one direction, where before
PR transfer isn't a big factor. With a one way link the recipient of
the link gains new PR and that will result in a larger ranking benefit
than a reciprocal link.

This does not mean one way links transfer more benefit, but they don't
transfer any of it back.

This also doesn't mean reciprocal links aren't treated differently
(penalized, downgraded...) by the search engines, but I've not seen
any evidence they are.

Clearly one way links are much better than reciprocal links for the
reasons explained above. If you can't get one way links, reciprocal
links do help with rankings.

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