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I'm just putting the finishing touches on my site that helps people
generate good quality links. I'd be interested in some feed back as to
the concept.

The idea is that I'm trying to attract active bloggers and website
owners (NOT SPAMMERS) who want to reciprocate blog comments, which
leads to organic links etc.

The idea behind the site was created as follows:
I've had the worst time finding like minded bloggers in my industries
who wanted to do some reciprocal commenting. I searched google, left
blog comments on different blogs etc. The response was fairly cold as I
was doing "cold calling". I'm sure I'm not the only one who has had
this problem.

While I do love to blog about my topics, a blog with 0 comments looks
pretty bad. It makes your blog look better when you've got a few
comments on it.

Also I've seen really successful blogs do outbound links, blog rolling,
as well as generate alot of backlinks from other sites/blogs. I have
never heard any negative comments from anyone regarding organically
sharing links among blogs.

Am I completely out of it... or is this a new and valuable service?
Reciprocal Blog Commenting - Generate High Quality Links - First 100
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Re: Reciprocal Blog Commenting - Link Development

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It's spam that will only attract spammers.

Re: Reciprocal Blog Commenting - Link Development

Not really spamming...
Just offering a free valuable service that helps people with search
engine results.... which seems to be the topic of this group.

This seems to be an appropriate method for spreading the word.

Re: Reciprocal Blog Commenting - Link Development

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The sites involved look like computer generated Web pages on spammy topics
like credit cards -- using RSS feeds for the majority of the content.

Re: Reciprocal Blog Commenting - Link Development

Thanks for taking the time to visit the site.
Credit cards is not a spammy topic.  It's a legitimate topic as most
people don't really know the intricacies of how credit cards work.

I can't be expected to view every last post on every blog.  Some people
do use RSS feeds on their blogs as a filler, if they've been too busy
to post for a while.

The point of this site is this:
Many bloggers have a tough time finding blog commenting partners.  If
you go to other blogs (as I've done here) and introduce themselves,
it's considered spam alot of times.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with trying to start up new
relationships by visiting blogs and forums etc and starting up a topic,
as long as it's adding value for the other people.

That's another benefit of my site.  Many times the blogger runs out of
topics to blog about.  They  get into one train of thought, exhaust
that train of thought and then lose interest in blogging because they
run out of things to say, and haven't got anybody commenting.

When you have a fresh source of comments from people with different
experiences, it gives you more food for thought and more ideas for
research and blogging.

I agree, there are alot of crappy blogs out there.  I am truthfully
trying to promote healthy blogging and relationship development via
blog commenting and natural linking.

Monty Loree

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