reading on bruce clay site?

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I am curious after reading bruce clay and one of his comments about google.
He stated that if you used text inside divs, layers,css google may not
spider your site.  Has anyone found this to be true?  Thanks in advance for
your help.

Re: reading on bruce clay site?

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Bruce clay is one of the best in this business.  Not always right, but
generally spot on.

I cannot speak for him but I think his research has indicated that Google
considers this sort of thing SPAM and will try to guard against it.
He also still recommends comments tags but I am not sure why since I have
sites that do great without them.  I need to find out on that one.

James Taylor

Re: reading on bruce clay site?

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I mis-understood SEO-Guy.  In fact he has tested this out already and found
the same conclusion you did Dave, it doesn't help.

Thanks for clearing that up!

James Taylor

Re: reading on bruce clay site?

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If he says what you quote him as saying, it's nonsense.

However, my suspicion is that you may have read a section that is actually
talking about div layers that are formatted using display: none or
visibility: hidden, or that are absolutely positioned outside the viewable
page area with css.

I've not experimented with these approaches on pages that are main SEO
target pages.  But I would not be surprised to find that Google didn't
always spider links hidden using some of these techniques.

If the css hiding commands were embedded in the HTMl rather than being in a
separate stylesheet document, and formatted relatively simply, it would be
as easy to spot as, say, 'hidden' same colour text and background, for

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Re: reading on bruce clay site?

Victoria--let me correct myself--it sounds like he quoted what google said.
Here is the quote in its entirely from his site:
"Suggestions and Tips for Best Results

Google: "Basically, Google's position is that we prefer no hidden links, no
hidden text, no automatic tools used for positioning, and no cloaking. We
prefer that Googlebot get the exact same page that users see. In general,
you can assume that we're as conservative as possible. We don't like hidden
links/text in divs/layers/iframes/css, or links that are inconspicuous or
punctuation, for example. Similarly, we don't like cloaking or sneaky
redirects in any form, whether it be user agent/ip-based, or redirects
through javascript, meta refreshes, 301/302's, or 100% frames." More details
are available at: Guidelines and SEO Issues. Report spam: "

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