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    Can you change it? Has Google ever said they researched this issue, and  
the results showed people are more likely to click on small text ads? (I'm  
not.) I have seen no such research results, by Google or anyone else, and I  
don't see smaller type for regular magazine ads or newspaper ads on regular  

    What's the logic? (I get bigger, but not smaller.) Where are they coming  
from on this? (Did their designer come from MTV.com, bad habit?) Trying to  
be as unobtrusive as possible, or to stand out by being a different size  
from the rest of a webpage?

    Magazine ads often have advertorials that look a lot like the rest of  
the pages in font size, etc., and this makes a seamless segue for the  
readers' eye; the similarity evidently helps the advertising.

    You remember a few years ago when the FTC was upset with some search  
engines (other than Google), b/c their 'natural' results were the same  
size/look as their paid ads?

    I skip over any text, including GoogleAds, which is difficult to read.  
Google's Arial 8pt, 9pt, 10pt, or whatever it is, obsession discriminates  
against people with poor eyesight. Popup ads are annoying; so are ads that  
are difficult to read. Arial 8 is SH*T!

    I have long since rejected webmasters' selected fonts and font sizes,  
overriding them by choosing Explorer's Accessibility options (ignore font  
styles, ignore font sizes, etc.), and using my own css for every website I  
visit, so it doesn't really affect me. (Have a diff. .css for printouts;  
changes in 10 secs.)

    My main interest was design--I prefer one font size for all text (other  
than titles)--and revenue. I want to test font sizes and see which have the  
most traction. (If they can read it, will they click it?)

    They let you match the GoogleAd colors to your site; why can't you match  
the font size, too? If they let you change the size of the ad block, they  
should let you change the ad text size.

    The Google Search results ads (Sponsored Links) have a font size larger  
than website GoogleAds and the text actually matches the text size of the  
Google search result summaries (summary text match only, not titles).

    So what's their reason or excuse? Is small cool? Is it a  
uniformity/format issue? In other words, to make sure all ads in a  
fixed-size ad block can be seen, so the advertiser doesn't get jipped?

    Come on, Google, no more micro mini crap!

(+/- who is not complaining too much; thanks to Adsense, made $27 so far  

Re: Rant: Google Adsense Font Size

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You just answered your own question, if you could change the text size
the ad text wouldn't always fit in the ad box, imagine how bad that
would look!

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Not bad, $106 for me so far today. I hate the weekends when it comes
to Adsense revenue, I loose a quarter of my visitors!!!!

Though can't complain as I'm as sick as a dog right now with a bad
cold/possible flu, so earning anything right now (can't do real work)
feels good :-))

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Re: Rant: Google Adsense Font Size

Really?  The weekends are strong for me.  Maybe your visitors are
coming over to my sites.

Kind regards,
Dave Jackson

Re: Rant: Google Adsense Font Size

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Rant against font size: argument poor eyesight, and the usual yada yada.

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Yup, like other people who have the above problems.

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Same holds for many webdesigners: they pick a certain font, and a
certain size for its looks, hardly for usability. That's not going to
change, and technically there is no need for such a change.

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And what do your visitors prefer?

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Maybe others prefer how it is now?

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