Ranking, a real life look.

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Dave is working with me on helping me to get a higher ranking for my rare
cancer website.  I have good ranking on adult sections, but not on pediatric
sections.  In my quest, I am trying to see what the website content is for
different searches on Google.  And I have to tell you guys, that it seems
like these 'real life' situations are not matching the theory that I am
hearing here.  There has to be more to it than what I am hearing here.

Tonight I looked up      'pediatric cancer support'  .  One of my pages does
show on the first page of results, but as the last entry.  It is the page
that is #1 that confuses me.  The site is written in Front Page, no real
content, only links.  It has 65 external links.  The content on the site is
no where as extensive as my website's content.  Is it name that is grabbing
that high rank?  The name has the word 'children' in it.

And when I search on using  'pediatric cancer', the first entry is a
research foundation for pediatric cancers.  It has no where near the
pediatric cancer content that my website has.  I do not doubt that it is
important for it to be up there, so I am glad that they are.  But I want to
learn the mechanics of WHY it is up there.  If I watch other websites, I may
learn.  On this website I do not see any major content again.  I also only
see 91 external links to it.  Once again, it could be name.  Part of this
websites name is 'kids'.  My website does not show up until the second page,
very last entry.  Good, but I would like to see it listed higher.

My site has LOTS of content.  It has 218 external links (I know I can
improve here).  Most of the content for pediatric cancers is in a separate
directory   http://www.rare-cancer.org/ped /

I am beginning to believe that name is everything.
Take Care,  Sharon Lane

Re: Ranking, a real life look.

David and Sharon.

Good luck to you both. David, would you mind posting your rates.

Dave, very brave of you. You know with this post you are going to open
yourself up to the critics. I read the post twice myself. If you don't
mind, I'll ask one question. You mention optimizing for Pediatric
Cancer versus Pediatric Cancers. Since google uses stemming, wouldn't
optimizing for one work for the other. In other words, if you optimize
for Pediatric Cancer, I would think you would be found for the search
term Perdiatric Cancer and Perdiatric Cancers equally well.

Sharon, you did a smart thing hiring Dave, but keep us informed of
this "real life look". I had a nice surprise this morning. I have 3
websites they are all in the top 10 (2, 8, 10) now for my main


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