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Tired of going site to site to site to site to find the news you want?
Finally, there is a solution.

Slow News Burner:
All the news you can stand in one place

Now you can search for the news you want to see, and not have to wade
through a bunch of crap to get there.

Preview URL:

The URL will eventually be:

Give me a couple of weeks.

Want to jump on board?  Give me a holler.

Luke Nichols

Re: Quit site hopping!

I didn't check out your spam but I did think that this sentence was
well worded.

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Re: Quit site hopping!

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Sigh!  Strike three...PLONK!

Re: Quit site hopping!

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Sorry.  My server got hacked, to death.

Here is my new links:

http://markofsociety.geekgalaxy.com /



All dreams at:

All my videos at:


Re: Quit site hopping!

On Mon, 22 Oct 2007 17:30:06 -0400, "Luke Nichols"

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May be because they didn't like you spamming people.
Did that not occur to you ?

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