Question regarding 301 and TLD

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This looked like the best place to post this question given the knowledge
base in here, apologies if not...

I have inherited an existing site in a competitive ecommerce arena, the site
has been neglected recently so I will re author the lot and re launch, not
too worried about that.

The site in question has its domain with both and .com TLD's,
although this is a UK based business it ships worldwide, now the question...

Would I be better off using a 301 on the to the .com and making all
the absolute home links point to .com because potentially a .com TLD carries
more weight?

Or because this is UK based and UK hosted would it be better to do it the
other way round, .com pointing to the TLD?

Or am I just being too analytical about this and it is not likely to make
any difference?

All thoughts appreciated.



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