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Does the link page itself have to be at least pr4, or is it the 's pr that's important? I mean, the could have pr7 but the links.htm where the link to
my site are could have no pr at all.


Re: Question about back links

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The page itself is all that counts.

Theoreticaly, PR could be about to be passed to a low or no PR scoring page
because of its relative age to the site (i.e. just put up a new links page)
and in that case, if Google has assigned PR and it just does not show, you
will get some passed on.

HOWEVER, that was just a theoretical, generally, what you see is what you
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Re: Question about back links

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Hi Ray,

PR-PageRank goes from page to page. If the page that has a link on it is "0"
then of course you get nothing in return. Except, if the site is a 7 and the
other pages are gaining PR and the link page is new then of course it is a
good indication that page will go up. However if the page isn't new and is
grey out or something, then you know something is up and there is a
robot.text preventing it from being indexed. This will of course be no help
to you. Just look the site over and see if there is a good linking system
through the site.

I hope this helps.



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